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Welcome to Black Diamond Radio - an independent internet radio made by a metal fan for metal fans. We play the best metal songs created over last three decades including heavy classics, brand new releases, live records and metal covers.

So turn volume to maximum and have a fun with Black Diamond Radio!

New albums

We start each hour with a new track from some of recently released albums. See the latest interesting metal albums added to the broadcast:

  • Ensiferum
    One Man Army
    2015, February 20
    GeorgeMFZB852 about the album:  You’d be wrong to simply pigeon-hole Ensiferum as another straight up melodic death/folk metal act. In fact, there is lots of variation to be found here, from the death metal meets Dragonforce-style speed of first proper song ‘Axe Of Judgement’, to the symphonic metal influences of the title track, and the charming acoustic guitar driven ‘Burden Of The Fallen’. [read more]
  • Adrenaline Mob
    Dearly Departed
    2015, February 10
    Chelsea Jennings about the album:  The diverse collection of cover titles, traditional tracks and ballad-like singles on Dearly Departed make clear the entire philosophy and mindset of Adrenaline Mob. There is something on this release for everyone. Moreover, it shows the diversity of Adrenaline Mob‘s influences and their willingness to try new, unique things to reach a wider fanbase. [read more]
  • SOTO
    Inside the Vertigo
    2015, January 30 about the album:  Every song stands out, thanks to the wide diversity of writing styles and musical talent from the large number of musicians involved with this project, and of course Jeff Scott Soto’s amazing vocal range... [read more]
  • Blind Guardian
    Beyond the Red Mirror
    2015, January 30
  • Jorn Lande & Trond Holter's Dracula
    Swing of Death
    2015, January 23


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