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Your Never Ending Stream of Metal


Welcome to Black Diamond Radio - an independent internet radio made by a metal fan for metal fans. We play the best metal songs created over last three decades including heavy classics, brand new releases, live records and metal covers.

So turn volume to maximum and have a fun with Black Diamond Radio!

New albums

We start each hour with a new track from some of recently released albums. See the latest interesting metal albums added to the broadcast:

  • Nightwish
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
    2015, March 27
    Twin Guitar Attack about the album:  Overall it’s a good album from Nightwish... [read more]
  • The Gentle Storm
    The Diary
    2015, March 25
    Angry Metal Guy about the album:  ...The Gentle Storm is a resounding success, and one of the finest records that you’re going to hear this year.
  • The Poodles
    Devil in the Details
    2015, March 24 about the album:  "Devil in the Details" is 12 brand new songs spanning a total of around 46 minutes playtime, and every minute is enjoyable... [read more]
  • Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock
    Spirit on a Mission
    2015, March 23 about the album:  Spirit On A Mission by Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock is a clear example of how the veterans of the Hard Rock scene can continue to compete with the new generation and, perhaps, even win in the end.
  • Moonspell
    2015, March 6
    Demonon Vrosis about the album:  It’s not easy to say if Extinct sounds like one of Moonspell's previous albums. I would say that it’s a new approach, creating a new sound for the band. And it’s good. [read more]


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