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Your Never Ending Stream of Metal

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About Radio

Black Diamond is an independent online radio made by a metal fan for metal fans.

What can you hear there?

Briefly the best metal songs from old heavy metal classics to the brand new releases. Our favourite metal genres are heavy, power, progressive, gothic and symphonic metal. If you like bands like Judas Priest, Nightwish, Symphony X, Stratovarius, Dream Theater, Angra, Avantasia etc. you are in the right site!

BDR's program is based on hand-picked music from hundreds of bands of the genre. The never ending stream of metal music contains some solid points:

  • Each hour begins with some recently released song. So you can hear what is new in metal music.
  • Each hour contains at least one live record.
  • Every two hours a cover song is played because we love good or funny covers of classic rock or pop hits!
  • Every two hours an instrumental track is played because we love virtuosity of many metal musicians!

Are you missing any really good songs or bands in BDR's broadcast? Contact us with your ideas.

Why are there commercial breaks?

The program is interrupted with a commercial break twice per hour. When you listen to BDR from the USA or France the breaks contain adverts based on your location. When you listen from all other countries the breaks are filled by an instrumental passage.

These instrumental passages are based on tracks Eglė the Queen of Serpents and Cross the River Styx by Human Cometh. Thanks a lot to Morgan Petterson who allowed to use his music in such way!

Radio's Team

BDR's team consists of two whole men:

  • Doppler is responsible for whole music program, web content, technical solution and communication.
  • Želva is the author of BDR's logo, web design and all other graphics and for configuration of Drupal CMS.

Radio's history

Black Diamond Radio was born on 5th May 2010 when the regular broadcast appeared in cyber space for the first time. It was in the Live 365 network that allowed amateurs to create their own radio stations but number of listeners was restricted there and listening was possible just in Live 365 environment.

Since September 2011 Black Diamond Radio is hosted by It allows unlimited number of people to listen in any player. The number of listeners is continuously growing since that time. We will still do our best to improve Black Diamond Radio further and we hope you enjoy it!

Themed by  želva