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Welcome to Black Diamond Radio - an independent internet radio made by a metal fan for metal fans. We play the best metal songs created over last three decades including heavy classics, brand new releases, live records and metal covers.

So turn volume to maximum and have a fun with Black Diamond Radio!

New albums

We start each hour with a new track from some of recently released albums. See the latest interesting metal albums added to the broadcast:

  • Metal Allegiance
    Metal Allegiance
    2015, September 18
    Loudwire about the album:  Metal Allegiance is a fun and interesting experiment that for the most part works. [read more]
  • Amorphis
    Under the Red Cloud
    2015, September 4
    Metal Storm about the album:  Under The Red Cloud is a 50-minute offering of a more varied brand of Amorphis. It features memorable moments, an edgier sound and above all, killer tracks. [read more]
  • Hibria
    2015, August 7
    Craig Hartranft about the album:  With their self-titled fifth studio album, Hibria has once more delivered some fine progressive power metal, and you gotta dig those horns. [read more]
  • Gus G.
    Brand New Revolution
    2015, July 24
    Gus G. at Guitar World about the album:  ...there is a lot of guitar work all over the album. There’s a lot of solos, a lot of cool stuff [read more]
  • Symphony X
    2015, July 24
    The Metalist about the album:  We could explain why every track on ‘Underworld’ has the merit of excellence, but the finer point is that Symphony X have yet again written a sublime album and have provided another influential listening experience that can be enjoyed by all metalheads and anyone that respects excellent musicianship. [read more]


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