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New albums

We start each hour with a new track from some of recently released albums. See the latest interesting metal albums added to the broadcast:

  • Kingcrow
    2015, June 23
    New Noise Magazine about the album:  It’s always nice to discover an established band who clearly has hit its creative stride. Italy’s Kingcrow is one such act, and its sixth album, Eidos, is the pinnacle of the band’s career thus far. [read more]
  • Burning Point
    Burning Point
    2015, June 12
    RockReport about the album:  Not only new vocalist Nitte Valo impresses me from start to finish, but so does the fantastic sound of the album, which was recorded by the band at three different studios. [read more]
  • Helloween
    My God-Given Right
    2015, May 29
    kluseba about the album:  On "My God-Given Right", Helloween delivers more of the same. The band offers standard European power metal without any surprises. [read more]
  • Tarja
    Luna Park Ride
    2015, May 29
    Reflections of Darkness about the album:  Luna Park Ride’ is a documentation of TARJA's solo live skills and is definitely a collector's piece. TARJA performs her songs sovereignly live on stage, whether they are solo songs or even some NIGHTWISH songs... [read more]
  • Pyramaze
    Disciples of the Sun
    2015, May 22
    Angry Metal Guy about the album:  Regardless of how you categorize it, this is an absolutely brilliant slab of hooky prog-power and easily one of the best albums of 2015. [read more]


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